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William P. Hobby Airport

The $77 million facility renovation at William P. Hobby Airport added a new 374,000 square-foot, 20-gate central concourse for Southwest Airlines, and was a combination of new construction and retrofitting of an existing central chiller plant deep within the baggage service area of the existing airport.

Cobb Mechanical was responsible for removing all the chiller room equipment and piping from the existing central plant and then installing new chillers and piping, as well as the HVAC and plumbing services serving the new central concourse. To achieve this scope of work without disabling the existing HVAC comfort delivery systems, Cobb utilized a unique approach of using stand alone temporary water chillers and self contained DX air systems to keep the airport functioning and comfortable while all the chiller plant equipment was demolished and replaced/refurbished.

Location: Houston, TX
General Contractor: Morganti Group Inc.
Mechanical Contract Value: $7,639,880
Date Completed: 2005