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Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center

Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Medical Center is an 11-story hospital with a 390,000 square-foot underground parking garage connected to a 140,000 square-foot office building. The tower has 261 beds, a 19-room surgical floor, 38 ICU rooms, a maternity section, a full-service emergency facility, central sterilization and a kitchen. The central utility plant provides electrical “co-generation” back into the electrical grid making it extremely energy efficient. Cobb also installed over 125,000 square feet of snowmelt systems in grade level and elevated slabs using state-of-the art cross-linked PEX tubing manifolded systems and dedicated snow melt boiler systems.

Location: Denver, Colorado
General Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Mechanical Contract Value: $21,236,000
Date Completed: 1992