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Ground Test Accelerator at Los Alamos National Laboratory

This facility was built to house the Neutral Particle Beam Ground Test Accelerator 2 at the Los Alamos Laboratory.

The NPBGTA II was the first facility to “bend” the particle beam 180°, thus making the facility less than half the length of previous accelerators and potentially make it available as a space-based weapons platform. Cobb installed extensive HEPA filtered exhaust systems to catch the radioactive remnants from the accelerator along with “bag out” filter isolation housings and high strength “bubble tight” HVAC control dampers to isolate various sections of the accelerator exhaust systems. To prevent unwanted electronic interference with system controls as well as electronic eavesdropping, Cobb constructed a completely metal lined “tempest room” along with “wave guides” at all wall penetrations for this facility. Extensive cryogenics piping was a major component of the Cobb work scope of this Strategic Defense Initiative project.

Location: Los Alamos, NM
General Contractor: GE Johnson
Mechanical Contract Value: $2,779,858
Date Completed: 1989