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Eanes 9th Grade Center

This ninth grade center is built adjacent to the existing Eanes High School, yet was designed to be autonomous with its own library, cafeteria, black box theatre and gymnasium. 

The complex itself is built over an existing waterway to conserve remaining open space on the site. 

Mechanically, the project consists of a four-pipe system serving multi-zone air handling units in the crawl space mechanical room, as well as dedicated units for other areas of the building. The campus mechanical and plumbing systems are served by a cooling tower, chillers, boilers, water heaters and a water treatment system. Our spiral ductwork serves the cafeteria and gymnasium, as well as the black box theater.

Location: Austin, Texas
General Contractor: American Constructors, Inc.
Mechanical Contract Value: $3,063,772
Date Completed: 2001